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{Update: Click HERE to view/download the newest, latest and greatest Conference packet. Enjoy!}

In two weeks (October 6th and 7th), we have the blessed opportunity to listen to prophets of the Lord speak to us in General Conference to give counsel and commandments needed for our day. What a wonderful time to be alive! I’m truly looking forward to hearing what they have to say and soaking in the peace they have to offer. Whether of the LDS faith or not, I encourage everyone to listen to their words and find out for yourself if the words they speak are true. It is so wonderful to be able to gain a testimony of truth and to have that stability in this world of uncertainty.

As always, I try to do a lot of prep work prior to Conference for my young kiddos (now 5, 3, and 6 months) so that not only they will be able to learn something, but so that I can actually sit and learn something too (without being constantly peppered with little requests). :)

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about our family garden–how we need to get our fall crops planted soon, etc.– and that gave me an idea for another fun Conference activity for the kids (like the Fall Tree and the Spring Garden from previous Conferences).

This activity is the Fall Harvest Garden. (See below to download.) The theme behind it is: ‘Sew Seeds of Faith, Harvest a Testimony’. The idea is to cut out the different vegetables in the packet, and then while listening to the speakers in Conference, write the theme of their talk on the front of the vegetables and then on the back you write something you can do that you learned from the talk. Then you ‘plant’ your garden on your wall (aka tape it up) and then as you either discuss the talks or apply them (do what’s written on the back), you harvest your fall vegetables and pick them off the wall. :)  There’s better instructions in the packet, but that’s the gist of it.

This activity will serve not only as a reminder of the things we learn in Conference, but it will also help to remind us to get working on our fall garden! lol. :)

Click to get the Fall Harvest Garden Activity: Download PDF

In addition to the activity, I also revamped my packets that I created for the kiddos. Nothing crazy exciting or different, just some new coloring pages in the Nursery/Sunbeam edition, some new activities in the Jr/Sr Primary editions, new questions in the parent interview from the Sr Primary edition, etc… Just brushing off some dust from the older versions. :)

My General Conference Packets

And just FYI, each packet has the same ‘BINGO’ card in it, but if you have more than one child and they want to compete by having different layouts, here are two extra BINGO cards you could use:  Download Cards

Okay! Well, that does it for me! There are, of course, tons of wonderful ideas on the internet for other activities to get your family involved in General Conference. Here are some links to some great ideas that I’ve enjoyed searching before:

  • Packets and Ideas from Sugardoodle: Click HERE
  • Primary Age Packet from Jenny Phillips: Click HERE
  • Primary Age Packet from Deseret Book: Click HERE
  • A BIG LONG Collection of Ideas from 2 Kids and Tired Activity Ideas: Click HERE
  • A Collection of Conference Ideas from Prepared, Not Scared: Click HERE
  • Activities for Children from LDS.org: Click HERE
  • And another Collection of Ideas from LDS.About.Com: Click HERE

I hope you all can enjoy the wonderful Conference Weekend! I’ll try and check in a bit later with some more of my Conference Preps, but until then, Happy Prepping Y’all!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! Great work!

  2. I think these might be my favorite packets so far. I print them pretty much every conference. Plus I Love that you are linked all over the place now.

  3. I think you should include pictures of the women leaders of the church as well. Not just the men. Just an idea! :)

  4. Love these conference packets! This is the second time I’ve printed them out for my four children who wield crayons or portable handheld communications devices. My ten year old pointed out to me that Joseph is spelled incorrectly on the Bingo… But, she said, I still know what it means! Thank you for all this work – I have no idea where you make time for it!

  5. Thank you so much love these! They are great. I wish you had some way to follow GFC or email if there is and I missed it please let me know thanks

  6. Hi Cheri, that would be a fun idea to include the women leaders… the only problem is that most of them don’t speak during the General Conference sessions and there’s no way to know which ones would be. So I’m afraid it would just end up waisting a lot of paper and ink to print out all the women leaders on the off chance one of them may be speaking. It’s the same problem with doing any of the Seventies. I hear ya though. I’ve got two daughters so that would be fun for them to see the women leaders as well. At least they can see them on the tv. :)

  7. Thanks AJ. :) You’re the best.


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