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{File Update: If you downloaded this chart prior to May 24th, 2012 you are likely missing a space for Helaman chapter 14. This has been corrected and a new version is available for download. Sorry for any inconvenience!}

So, one of our family’s goals for this year is to read the Book of Mormon (one of the books of scripture in the LDS church). It was a challenge given to us by our Stake Presidency and we hope to fulfill it. It takes us a bit longer than most to get through the book though (since our girls’ attention span is quite low when it comes to sitting still for reading that doesn’t involve princesses :) ), so I’ve created this chart to help track our progress. {My chart was actually inspired by THIS one, but seeing as I don’t have a bunch of extra cash to drop on that sort of thing, I just made my own. :) }

Anyway, I of course wanted to share it with all of you in hopes it can be of use to some of you with your goals as well (click on the file name below to download it… it’s in PDF form). You can use stickers to mark off each chapter completed, or let your little ones color in each circle… whatever floats your boat. And hopefully this will help keep our kiddos motivated to sit still a little longer. :) Enjoy!

Download Here: Book of Mormon Reading Chart

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  1. Would you be ok with me sharing this with my young women for church? I am starting a goal for this with them soon and this would be perfect. I don’t want to use it en masse unless you are cool with that.
    And I am totally going to use it for our family. A little incentive to help my kids focus more is very helpful.

  2. Hey AJ- That is totally fine! It’s here to be used! After the crazy amount of time I spent making it (why do I DO that to myself??) it would make me happy to know it is being well used. :) Thanks for asking first.

  3. Love it! I am printing it out now!

  4. thank you this is wonderful, I was here to ask if I could share it at church and saw your response above so will do so with thanks!

  5. Hi Tammy! My pleasure. :) I hope it is helpful! :)

  6. Thank you so much! Our stake president issued the same challenge yesterday. We are getting started today and this will help out a lot! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for posting this, I am the YW president in my ward and plan on using this to help them with the Book of Mormon reading challenge I am going to issue them at New Biginnings in a week. You did an AWESOME job on it, it is the exact kind I was hoping to find, and because of your hard work I you saved me from having to design and make one of my own.

  8. Thanks Becky! :) Glad you like it.

  9. Thanks! I love your version! I loved the inspiration but really preferred a smaller printable version, so thanks for sharing with us!!! Well done!!

  10. This chart is uber cute!! But, I did happen to find that in your Helaman section, you completely skip chapter 14. It goes from 13 to 15. :/ Just thought you’d might like to know to better the chart. Thanks so much! :)

  11. WHAT??! How did that happen?! Good spotting, Kat. :) Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I will work on fixing that.

  12. Love this chart. Just what the family was looking for!

  13. I love these!! My activity day girls are going to love them as well. Thank you!! :)

  14. Thank you for sharing this! I am half way through and I think this will be the help I need to push along to the finish!

  15. This is great! Thanks for creating and sharing it!

  16. Beautiful! Thank you so much– this is the best one I have ever seen!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing. My oldest was 16 when we were issued a similar challenge and that was the impetus we needed to finally get into the habit of reading together every night.

  18. thank you. We’re having a BOM-athon

  19. Thank you for creating this and being willing to share your work! My newly baptized son who is in love with charts has set a goal to read the Book of Mormon and this is the perfect thing for him!

  20. Wow! Such a great chart! Thank you so much for making it and sharing it! My daughters and I just started our goal to read the Book of Mormon during summer break. I have also challenged my Young Women to do it too. Best summer reading program I can think of ! ;)

  21. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Both of my kids picked this one out of a slew I gave them to choose from.
    : )

  22. We recently started reading the BOM as a group of YSA Relief Society in preparation for the opening of the Fort Lauderdale Temple. They provided us with new BOM’s and this chart as well as a reading schedule, and as an inactive member this chart with the happy face stickers they gave us to fill it up have worked amazingly to motivate me to keep up with my reading, and I feel the blessings already. I only found the webpage because I came onto it to print it out for my father who also is inactive. Thank you for spending the time making this…you’ve helped more people than you can imagine <3

  23. Thank you, thank you! This will be put to good use.

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